Hundreds of Mayflower residents demanding answers after major oil spill

MAYFLOWER (KATV) -{}One day after a major oil spill Mayflower residents are demanding answers.

Hundreds of residents showed up at a press conference Saturday afternoon asking questions that local and Exxon officials struggled to answer.

Mayflower residents filled up the cafeteria seats at Mayflower High School hoping to get an explanation that never came. Dozens of homeowners are staying in with residents and local hotels waiting until the oil mess is cleaned up. The problem is that many were initially told that it would only take a couple of days. Saturday{}they heard at least a week.

The area largely impacted was Starlite{}Road and Shade Tree Lane. ExxonMobil recommended that 22 homes be evacuated. Those home still sit empty and will be until the nearly 10,000 barrels of oil get cleaned up. one resident who left before he could grab most of his things says he just wants a straight answer.

"We're getting contradictory answer when we were initially evacuated we were told pack for two days it'll be cleaned up," said Darren Hale, a homeowner who was forced to evacuate.{}"Then we were told this morning to pack for at least a week."

But some residents are pleased with how Officials have handled the situation.

"I think they did a great job honestly, I mean we were notified immediately to be evacuated Exxon has been right there on point as far as accommodations," said Daniesha Modica, another resident who left her home.

Exxon says they are working diligently to get homeowners in as quickly as possible.

"You know we really want to be transparent with the community and send a clear and concise message so we will work on that," said Karen Tyrone, VP of Operations for Pipelines for Exxon.

Exxon says that have launched a full investigation to find the cause of this rupture. At this point they do know that no one was digging in the area.

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