Benton detectives keep cold case open for missing woman

    BENTON (KATV) -- Detectives in Saline County continue working on a cold case involving a missing woman from Benton, and to make the search more alarming is she was last seen with a man wanted for murder.

    Sarah Mondragon, 31, from Benton was last seen in May of 2013, but since then police continue to leave the missing persons case open with a major concern about just where she is.

    According to police, Colonial Park Apartments in Little Rock was the last known location of Mondragon before she disappeared.

    "When we initially took the case in May of last year we got some information initially from people that gave us some insight as to where she might have went or whose company she might be in," said Lt. Kevin Russell with Benton Police Department.

    "Within a month of two some of the information kind of dwindled."

    Out of character for Mondragon not to call, her family became very worried after a couple of weeks in the dark.

    "She was someone who regularly contacted them at least a couple of times a week, and for her to go for that long was just very unusual, and they were very concerned," Russell added.

    Another concerning factor of Mondragon's disappearance is who she was last seen with; reportedly in the company of 29-year-old Elisio Estrada, a man wanted by Little Rock police on a homicide warrant."

    "We're encouraging anyone that's maybe had contact with her for certain to contact us directly so that we can speak with them about what kind of contact they've had with her or if they know where she might be," Russell said.

    To help better identify Mondragon, she has a flower tattoo on her chest and a blue butterfly on her left ankle. Police are still unsure if she could be within the state or not.

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