UPDATE: Bryant hit-and-run victim dies; suspect charged with murder


UPDATE (1:20 p.m.):

Bryant police say the deceased victim is 20-year-old Heather Danielle Baker of Benton.

Also new to report, according to Saline County Sheriff's Office, Marcus Dorsey was arrested for public intoxication on Tuesday.

The police report from Tuesday's arrest states that he had been smoking PCP (sherm) and was calling people and telling them he was going to kill a woman's niece.

According to the arrest report, Dorsey's eyes were bloodshot and his pupils were dilated. He was talking violently, saying he wanted to "fight people".

The public intoxication is a misdemeanor charge. He was released on his own recognizance from the Saline County jail on Wednesday, just one day before the hit-and-run took place.


ORIGINAL REPORT (12:00 p.m.):

Channel 7 News has learned that the 20-year-old female victim in a hit-and-run incident has died. Bryant police confirmed the young woman died Friday morning after she succumbed to injuries she received when she was struck by a vehicle in a Target parking lot on Thursday.

Police have not yet released the woman's name.

Marcus Dorsey, 39, was in court Thursday morning. A detective testified that Dorsey said that prior to the incident he had been smoking sherm and drinking alcohol. The detective also told the court Dorsey said he accelerated when he saw the woman in the parking lot.

Dorsey has been charged with First Degree Murder, four counts of Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and one count of Driving on a Suspended License. His bond has been set at $1 million.


Police say Dorsey first struck at least three vehicles on Interstate 30 before he took the Alcoa Road exit and sped through the parking lot of the Alcoa Exchange shopping center. Surveillance video shows the white pickup truck did not slow down after leaving the interstate. After the young woman was hit by the truck, police say she was dragged approximately 70 feet. A Target employee who witnessed the hit-and-run called 911 and followed the truck to a nearby apartment complex. Dorsey was arrested a short time later. Channel 7 News will continue to update this story.
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