Bryant students send camera to inner space

BRYANT(KATV) - Class experiments in high school are a nice break to the normalroutine. In Bryant, the sky is the limit. Students in the Bryant High SchoolAerospace Engineering class attracted an audience when the student body heardthey were sending a capsule to inner space.

Kidsworking together, "I would suggest to tie it off at the helium tank so itdoesn't go anywhere."

Engineeringinstructor, John Williams is taking a step back, letting the students prepareto launch the capsule.

Ithas taken weeks to get to this point. A junior says, "We are going to ziptie, pull it across and bend it."

Studentscame up with the pod design, how much it should weigh and what to put in it."Kind of bounce it a little bit and make sure it gets into these cracks alittle bit."

Thereis a flight computer inside, to log humidity, temperature and wind speed. TheAPRS unit will send out GPS signals every 2 minutes, showing its location.

JohnWilliams looks over the student's shoulders, "That is showing 11 poundsguys. We are looking pretty good. Looks like we are about ready to go."

Aftera courtesy call to the FAA to notify them about the massive weather balloonlaunch, their work is put to the test.

Everyonescreams, "3,2,1."

Onboard, a camera and GoPro will run the entire time. It is expected to reach100,000 feet and get images of the earth.

JohnWilliams explains, "The balloon will stretch until it can't stretchanymore, about 30 feet in diameter. At that point, it will burst and thepayload will come down."

Junior,Ryan West says, "It is a good feeling to know we spent about a monthworking hard on it, trying to get it accomplished and done. Now, in about20-minutes it has gone from on the ground, not really realizing how it is goingto do, to watching the balloon fly away. So it is a pretty great feeling."

Theparachute worked and the pod landed two-hours away in Marianna, about an hourafter lift-off. The data collected will be studied in class. {} {}

JohnWilliams and students will be on Saturday Daybreak, March 15, with the results.


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