Update: Bryant Woman Shoots Ex, Claims Self Defense

UPDATE: One day after the shooting in Bryant, police releases the name of the man shot. He was 49-year old Calvin Keith Brown of Conway. The weapon in his possession was a 30.06 rifle that was fully loaded.

Sgt. Todd Crowson says, "Due to the investigation still being open at this time we can't release the name of the female involved."

Stay with Channel Seven and for developments on this story.

Monday, August 8

Bryant PD: Woman Shoots Alleged Abductor

(KATV) Bryant - Shots ring out in Bryant Monday afternoon, a woman shoots and kills a man she says it's her ex-boyfriend, but claims it was self defense.

It happened at about 4:30 p.m. Bryant police were called to the corner of Raymar Road and Meadowlake.

When police arrived on the scene they found the alleged suspect taking his last breath and a woman who was very shaken up. She told police the man was her ex-boyfriend and he abducted her.

As friends and family hear the news, they rush to the victim's home now guarded by police. It's the scene where it all began.

Sgt. Todd Crowson says, "She is still scared, very shook up about the whole ordeal as anybody would be."

At about 4 p.m., the victim claims her ex-boyfriend took her at gun point from her home on Northfield. Then put her in the passenger seat of her car and he drove, but his alleged plan back fired in less than a mile.

"As they took off and were coming down Raymar Road she was able to get into her purse where she had a small caliber hand gun and was able to use the handgun. She shot the assailant and was able to escape," Sgt. Crowson explains.

Minutes after Bryant police made it on the scene the suspect died, but the investigation doesn't end there. Police want details from the only living person who knows what happened, possibly what triggered it and what the suspects intentions may have been.

Sgt. Crowson says, "Investigators are working the scene right now trying to gather all the facts, any evidence. Basically just trying to piece this thing together to find out what all transpired from one moment to the next and see what led up to this."

The woman told police she had on-going problems with her ex. They're both in their 40's.

This is an on-going investigation and police have not ruled this case self defense.

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