Cabot airman meets baby for first time

An Arkansas airman returning from Afghanistan meets his young daughter for the first time Thursday.

Ivin Bueso left for Afghanistan just six weeks before his young daughter was born. And finally today after dozens of Skype sessions he held his little girl for the first time.

"Words can't describe how I'm feeling right now," said Ivan.

It was a moment that left this father of two speechless. Finally meeting his daughter after six months in Afghanistan.

"I got to see her birth and everything on Skype but it's not the same as holding my daughter and kissing her," said Ivan.

Ivin's wife, Jessica, was brought to tears as she saw her family be completed.

"I'm just overjoyed it's amazing and God is good and he's the one who's brought me through all of this," said Jessica Bueso.

But along with the emotional reunion comes a welcome change for Jessica.

"I'm really overjoyed to have him home and finally have my family back together and get a break," said Jessica.

But even as Jessica spends this Thanksgiving being grateful for the return of her husband and the father of her kids, she admits there's a part of her that hurts for those who aren't so fortunate.

"Those families that have lost loved ones, I can't even imagine the pain so my heart is definitely with them,"

For Ivin the pure joy of coming back home with such a special welcoming is everything he could have asked for and more.

"This welcoming is just seeing my daughter is I thank God for that," said Ivin.

The family says that in addition to all the eating tonight they will be doing a lot of catching up.

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