Chicot County Almost Out of The Water, Levee Holding

By Katherina-Marie Yancy

(KATV) Eudora - The levee in Chicot County is being tested like never before. It's keeping flood waters from reaching homes and farm land, but water is seeping through.

Officials say the levee is leaking at three points just hundreds of yards from homes, but it's under control and the biggest concern now is panic.

The water is reaching the top of the levee at 64.1 feet above flood stage. The concern isn't that it's going to come over the levee, rather the rate it is seeping through.

Streets off the levee in Eudora are at a dead end. Telephone poles caught in the flood give you an idea of just how high the water is. Four homes are completely submerged and hundreds of homeowners are worried about what's going to happen on their side of the levee where crews are working around the clock to prevent flooding.

Chicot County Judge Mack Ball explains, "We do have problem areas that we're staying right on top of. We have the Corps of Engineers, National Guard, Game & Fish, Forestry Department and Office of Emergency Management. All of these entities down here are helping us."

It would be a catastrophe if the levee fails, but testing has proven otherwise. The seepage is actually a welcome sign that the levee is working and releasing water pressure. Next to it there is a make shift levee that is keeping the water that has made it through contained.

"The biggest concern is keeping people from panicking and to be cautious and to plan for the worst and hope for the best," Ball adds.

Ball doesn't anticipate a need for an emergency evacuation, but the county has an alert system in place. He concludes, "I'm going home and sleeping every night because I trust everybody. We have a lot of good volunteers that are working all night long."

The Mississippi River is expected to crest Sunday at about 65 feet. Officials don't want the water to drop quickly, that could cause a mud slide.

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