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Confederate Flag removed from Dukes of Hazzard "General Lee"

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WASHINGTON (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) -- General Lee is getting a new paint job.

The iconic car from the "Dukes of Hazzard" TV series is owned by professional golfer Bubba Watson. The two-time Masters winner announced on Twitter Thursday night that he'll be covering the Confederate flag on the top of the car with an American flag.

The Charleston church murders sparked a new debate over the controversial flag, which many see as a symbol of racism and oppression. There has been public outcry over the Confederate flag that flies in the South Carolina Capitol, retailers have stopped selling merchandise with the flag, and on Wednesday TV Land said it would no longer air "Dukes of Hazzard" reruns.

Watson's General Lee is the original Dodge Charger used in the CBS series, as andAutoBlog reported. He purchased the car at an auction in 2012. In an interview with "Positive Side," Watson described going to the auction with his wife.

"I just wanted to make a bid on it just to say I tried to get it, and when I made a bid at $110,000 everybody quit bidding on it. For me it was a dream come true," Watson said.

Based on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, he is enjoying living the dream.

Watson even had the car signed by John Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the series.

While some people online praised Watson's decision to alter his prized possession, supporters of the flag and devoted "Hazzard" fans voiced their outrage.

Whether or not you agree with Watson's decision, you have to agree with Twitter user Brian Dietzen. Watson needs to post a picture after the paint job so we can all see the new General Lee.

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