Conway Advisory Board pushes for pedestrian and biker safety

With warmer weather comes more outdoor activity. Conway's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board is pushing residents and the city to promote more safety on the streets and solutions to side walk problems.

Latresha Woodruff of the Conway Police Department said drivers need to be cautious and for those who don't follow the rules there are repercussions

"There's a rule, three feet from someone who is riding a bicycle. You've probably seen some signs around town," Woodruff said. "You can get into some trouble whether it be a ticket or a fine, but most importantly, we don't want to see someone get injured because someone else is not playing it safe and sharing the roadways."

Greg Reddin is a member of Conway's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory. Reddin said old side walks are an issue.

"We have some places in Conway that don't have very good sidewalk infrastructure. we've had some people that have been hit in these areas. People need to be on the look out. Conway is a college town," Reddin said.

According to Reddin the advisory has about $3000 to work with but they need more money to thoroughly fix the video.

"What we would like to see happen is take some of the money that is currently, just a small percentage , a couple of percent of the money that is being spent on roads and invest some of that money in side walks and bike lanes," Reddin said.

Reddin said a larger percentage could make a substantial difference in changes.

"If my numbers are correct I think we said that 2% of our total street infrastructure would be about $200,000," Reddin said.

Reddin said the board is hoping that fixing these problems will encourage more people to live and work in the area.

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