Cotton, Jeffress run for Ark. 4th District seat

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The candidates running for the open 4th District seat in Congress have starkly different backgrounds and views.

Republican Tom Cotton and Democrat Gene Jeffress are running to fill the seat left open by the state's only Democratic member of the House, U.S. Rep. Mike Ross.

Cotton is a 35-year-old Republican political newcomer who's managed to raise more money than the state's other GOP House members. Jeffress, a state senator, is a 64-year-old veteran of the state Legislature who's spent much of his campaign money on gas for the truck he travels around the sprawling district.

Cotton, an Army veteran and former management consultant, calls Jeffress a "big government liberal." Jeffress, who is a former schoolteacher, bluntly calls Cotton an "outsider" to the district.

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