Dash cam video reveals the dangers police face

It's terrifying video caught on the dash camera of a Pine Bluff police officer's car. A suspect who police say had already shot four people, killing one, raises his gun at an officer and squeezes the trigger.

"The officer pulls up on the scene to help other officers find somebody, and the guy standing right in front of him had a gun," says Lt. Robert Rawlinson of the Pine Bluff Police Department."

Police say the suspect was 26-year-old Courtney Lewis. Police say Lewis's shooting spree showed all the earmarks of a person high on cocaine and PCP, known locally as 'wet.' It's a drug associated with violent crimes.

The gun was pointed strait at the officer, with a windshield as the only barrier between them, but the gun was not fired because there were no bullets left.

"If it had any bullets left in it, he'd have probably shot through the window of the police car."

The dramatic video reminds us just how dangerous it is to put on a police uniform every day.

"You got to be able to handle those types of situations, and that's why there's such a high turnover rate, I think, for police officers. Not just here, but everywhere," says Rawlinson.

To protect and serve, it's a high calling with high risks.

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