UPDATE: 5-year-old dies from dog attack

A rainy and relaxing Sunday afternoon turned tragic in Jessieville when a bull mastiff turned vicious, killing a five-year-old boy who was visiting family friends.

Garland County deputies and animal control spent Sunday searching for the dog responsible for killing a five-year-old inside a home where both were staying.

"One of the deputies said that possibly the dog thought that he was going to harm the female, that he was staying there with," said Deputy Scott Hinojosa with the Garland County Sheriff's Department. "He was mad about putting some shoes on, and possibly that's what caused the attack."

The attack happened in Jessieville, Ark., but it was another unfortunate situation that displaced the child from Oklahoma.

"His family actually had lost everything in a storm in Oklahoma, and was staying here," Hinojosa added.

Deputies continued the search into Sunday night for the dog now labeled as a vicious animal.

"It's my understanding when they get the dog he will be euthanized, and sent off to be tested," Hinojosa said.

The family tried rushing the boy to the hospital, meeting an ambulance before it got there. Paramedics transported the child to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Garland County authorities will remain searching for the dog throughout the night.

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