Don't Get Hooked: Phishing

On the first Wednesday of each month we give the Better Business Bureau the opportunity to warn you about the scam of their choice.

This week the BBB goes phishing.hoping to help you keep from getting caught by a con-artist's email.

The mission of these reports is share information to help keep you from getting hooked.

And that certainly rings true when you're talking about phishing.

Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB says there are many key phrases scammers use to get you to open an email or an attachment.

For example: "You're winner!"

"Your order is being processed."

"Your account is overdrawn."

But no matter what the hookthe goal is the same.

"They want your contact list," says Rohrer. "Another type of phishing email is actually going to embed itself in your computer and look for personal informationwhether it beit will start with contacts but it will also start looking for information on your hard drive."

Rohrer says the e-mails try to spoof names or addresses that you recognize. But if you hold your cursor over a link you can often see who it will actually return to.

This phishing email does not return to U.S. Airways like it claims.

"Deleting an email is not enough anymore," says Rohrer. "There are viruses that are sophisticated enough to lay in either your deleted folder or your recycle bin and something else will some in and trigger those to promulgate themselves. So we recommend that you delete it and then delete it out of your recycle bin or your deleted folder."

For more information on phishing, we have a link to the BBB's web site here at

Air date: April 4th, 2012

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