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Don't Get Hooked: RV Icebox

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If something goes wrong with the refrigerator in an R-V, it is expensive to replace it.

That's why many R-V owners from across the country turn to a Conway County company to replace or repair their fridge.

Some now wish they hadn't.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau has issued a consumer alert on Nucold Refrigeration, also known as RV Icebox.

There are concerns about both the number of complaints and a lack of response from the company's owner and the BBB wants to make sure that you...don't get hooked.

We traveled to Morrilton, where Jerry Collins says business for his R-V refrigerator repair company is good.

Maybe too good.

"Sometimes...our efforts aren't good enough and we don't get them out there (fast) enough and that is where some of the complaints are going to come," says Collins. "But I can tell you this...we're in here to make sure that every customer is satisfied, happy....and we've got lots and lots of customers that way. But we do have a few that are not."

Quite a few.

31 customers of Nucold Refrigeration or R-V Icebox have complained to both the Arkansas Attorney General and Arkansas Better Business Bureau in 2013.

Lana Fahrenwald of Arizona writes "I sure wish I had searched your Little Rock Better Business Bureau before ever calling RV Icebox because I would have seen their alert in red that reads "There is an alert for this business!" They (the BBB) also give them an F grade."

Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB says there have been 71 complaints over the past three years.

"Of those complaints 46 of them we don't even get a response back from him us, that is really

substandard behavior for a business," says Rohrer.

Another customer claims he sent Collins nearly $500.00 months ago and has received nothing in return.

"I found him online," Clint McCullough of California told us in a telephone interview. "Of course I do considerable stuff online. And in this particular case I guess I didn't do any research."

Collins says new policies are lowering complaints. And old complaints will be addressed.

"The biggest thing is...I didn't never respond to them (the BBB)" says Collins. "I didn't think it was that big of a deal."

So...if you are consumer, check with the BBB before you do business with a business.

And if you're a business owner, complaints will happen. Just don't ignore them.

Air date: October 2nd, 2013

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