El Dorado native competes to be America's Next Top Model

A few months ago Lacey Rogers was just a normal El Dorado High School student with a passion for photography and theater, but Wednesday night the world will be watching her compete to claim the title as America's Next Top Model.

"I never intended on growing up and becoming a model," Rogers said. As she walked across the stage on graduation day to get her diploma, many didn't know the secret she had been keeping.

"I watched Americas next top model marathons growing up and like every Saturday Sunday morning with my sisters," Rogers said. She told us she never believed she become a model, let alone be discovered on Instagram by the show's producers.

It all began with her friend pursuing a career in photography, and asking her to model for him. Rogers had followed Tyra Banks, a host and judge on ANTM, on Instagram. Banks posted a photo with the challenge for those interested in competing to hash tag not too short, not too tall on their best photos.

"I hashtagged not too tall not too short on my photos andfive minutes later two casting producers found me," Rogers said. While her classmates were picking out prom dresses, Rogers was modeling on runways in front of celebrity judges.

She spent her spring break as the youngest contestant competing against men and women from across the nation.

"Being on Americas next top model will probably be the most memorable thing that will ever happen to me," she said.

Rogers might be a secret no longer but there is still one that remains, how far she goes in the show.

"I'm really proud of myself and I'm just kind of ready for people to see that. I represented Arkansas in a good way," Rogers said.

Rogers recently moved to Los Angeles where she plans to continue pursuing a career in modeling and acting, but she is also taking classes at Santa Monica College because she tells us she believes education is very important.

She also told Channel 7 how everyone loved her southern accent and hospitality.

You can catch Rogers on America's Next Top Model premiering on the CW Wednesday night at 7. There will also be a watch party at the El Dorado Convention Center.

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