FAA investigates "near misses" at U.S. airports

    On this busy travel weekend, word of several recent near misses by planes at U.S. airports has travelers a little concerned.The latest was in Texas, where two United jets were taking off from Houston's Bush International Airport on May 9th, heading down separate runways.Shortly after take off, Flight 601 is told to turn right, putting it in the path of Flight 437. Moments later, the controller seems to realize the mistake, when he says, "United 601 stop your turn, stop your, let's stop your climb and stop yourturn United 601."John Nance, ABC news aviation consultant, said, "We really can't say that two make a trend but by the token to have two midair, midairers. that close together over a couple of weeks time. one in Newark and now in Houston, is definitely concerning." The FAA says it is investigating.

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