Family from across the world donates to Dorcas House

(KATV) A Little Rock women and children's shelter received a donation from an unlikely source Friday. A well known painter from china is in town visiting family but it turned into a goodwill trip.

The Yang family puts a spin on the saying, 'it's better to give, than to receive'. They say when you give, you receive so much more.

Most donations to the largest domestic violence shelter in the state are from people in Central Arkansas. So you can imagine their surprise when a family from China showed up at the Dorcas House with trunk loads of supplies from the organization's "need list."

Dorcas VanGilst says, "Most the time when women and children come in, they come in with nothing. They don't have clothes, toiletries, undergarments. They don't have shoes."

Right now, 45 women and their children call the Dorcas House "home". They've been in need of paper towels, bathroom cleaner and detergent. Friday the nonprofit received those items and more. VanGilst smiles, "I know this is really going to help to fill up those gaps that we've had recently."

Friday, the Yans requested to met the women they're helping. With the assistance of a relative, they broke the language barrier.

Rakiate Tarawally is Neneh Ada Yang's sister. She translates for Yang Yan, "He was just saying he chose this place because he knows the women need. He has and its coming from the heart, from him and his wife."

Yang Yan adds, "Everywhere you go in the world, there are people that need. So if you have more than for you, share it with other people that need it. Why do it to help other people and gain a blessing from God."

Yang Yan and wife Neneh Ada Yang collaborate and specialize in traditional Chinese painting. They have traveled to more than 50 countries, sharing their love of art and charity. They now bring the newest member of the family. Their 10-month old son's name translates to the word Peace, in English.

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