Family of one pound baby gives back to UAMS

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - When Holly Walker was about 20 weeks pregnant, her baby was not growing.

By the time she was sent from her home in Fayetteville to UAMS, doctors were unsure if the baby would make it.

"We get here and they say the same thing. Chances aren't good that she's going to survive," said Holly Walker.

The walker family prayed for a miracle. And they say that is exactly what happened.

"When they did the{}C-section she came out breathing on her own which was a shock to say the least because she wasn't supposed to be able to do that," said Jeff Walker.

At one pound three ounces, little Emry continued to beat the odds.

But because of her long hospital stay,{}an Angel Eye camera is what really helped the family get through the 89 days at UAMS.

"They are just fabulous pieces of equipment, said Dr. Kristi Palmer, UAMS Medical Co-director of NICU. "The families enjoy them because they can be working or taking care of their other children and they can be here when they are able to but when they're not able to then they can bond with their baby and see their baby every day."

"We'd all be in bed and it'd be Jeff and then Ali and then me and then the laptop right beside us. All I'd do at night if I woke up I'd click on it and check{}and a lot of times the nurses would leave us a little note saying how she was doing," said Holly.

It was especially helpful for Dad who had to return to northwest Arkansas to go back to work early on.

"It was a big help no doubt," said Jeff. "It was nice to check in to see how she was doing."

Now at 21 months, Emry is happy and healthy although still small.

Her parents started a foundation to help other families going through similar situations and have raised enough money to buy another Angel Eye camera for UAMS.

"Our main hope is to basically provide hope for others who are going through this roller coaster because we definitely know it is trying, it is hard, especially when you're in a very unfamiliar place," said Holly.

{}Click here for the Hummingbird Foundation's facebook page.

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