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Family of man killed by pit bull attack seek justice

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UPDATE ( 3/23/15):

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies killed another Pit Bull Terrier Monday, believed to be a part of the deadly mauling that took the life of De'trick Johnson. Deputies were dispatched to C.J.'s Garage Monday morning to follow up on the report of a sighting of a Pit Bull Terrier that had returned to the property after getting away on Saturday.

Once the deputies approached the animal, the dog became aggressive. The responding deputy fired a shot killing the dog.

A second Pit Bull Terrier, which was not accounted for originally, was captured and is being kept by authorities.

There has been a total of 5 Pit Bull Terrier's killed and 3 captured.

According to JCSO, formal charges have not been filed against John Chester Smith, owner of the Pit Bull Terrier's and C.J's Garage.

ORIGINAL STORY (03/22/15) :

What was supposed to be a quick errand before work, became the last moments of one Pine Bluff man's life.

Jefferson County identified De'trick Johnson,38, as the victim of a vicious dog attack at C.J's Garage at 300 North Thomas Road in Jefferson County.

According to Johnson's family, Johnson was mauled to death by 7 pit bulls while trying to get his car serviced.

Johnson's younger sister, Akimi Johnson, told Channel 7 that family and loved ones want something done about it.

"I was at work and I received a phone call saying that I needed to come down to the garage because something had happened to my brother," Johnson said. "I am not here to put down anyone's dogs. I was not prepared for what happened to my brother. I believe the dogs should have been tied up. If anyone goes to a garage to receive service, they should not be fearful or have to run and be afraid because dogs are a-loose. I would like to see something done."

Johnson's friend of 14 years, John Smith III is also taking Johnson's death hard. Smith and [De'trick] Johnson lived together.

"Ain't nothing more important than a precious life being taken. If you are not educated about the pet that you have you don't need the pet no way," Smith said. "He [De'trick] said, 'Well you know C.J. told me to come down there so he could fix the car first thing in the morning.' So I told him to go on down there so he can get finished with it then I said call me."

Unfortunately, Smith never got that call. Instead he got a call from John Chester Smith, 63, the owner of C.J.'s garage, who is also Smith's father.

"You are my dad. I love you. De'trich, I love him too. But it's one thing about it, you [John Chester Smith] are going to need to be held accountable for the decision that you made," Smith said. "I didn't fool with those dogs and I wasn't aware that he had that many dogs, but I knew he had a couple of them. I didn't know they were that vicious. "

According to Smith, Johnson put up a good fight.

"He did jump on the car and the dogs actually jumped on the car with him because the mud is still on the car when we brought it home," Smith said. "You can see the scratches where the dogs they had to have had a hold on him. Then it looked like he had took off running."

According to Smith, Johnson's death was not the first time the dogs attacked people.

"I'm not just speaking because its De'trich. I am speaking on the behalf of the other victims because he wasn't the first . He wasn't the second or the third there was about four to five people that had been attacked by these same dogs," Smith said.

Smith told Channel 7 that the dog s bit another person just days before Johnson's death.

Smith and Johnson said it comes down to taking responsibility.

"He didn't deserve to die like that. It was senseless and I want something to be done because that could have been a child or anyone else's brother," Johnson said.

"After he bit the first man, what was it in your mind that you couldn't get rid of the dogs then? Then he turned around and bit somebody else and then turned around and bit somebody else then turned around and killed somebody. It's just un explainable," Smith said. "Me and my mom have also, and his sisters and all of them have told him you need to get rid of those dogs. You need to get rid of those dogs."

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, one dog is still on the loose. Four were killed and two were captured.

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