Fireworks, finger-pointing at Pine Bluff City Council meeting

PINE BLUFF (KATV) - A lot of finger pointing marked the Pine Bluff City Council meeting Monday night.

At their last meeting two weeks ago, the council voted to move the police station to the armory. Two days later, Mayor Debe Hollingsworth vetoed that decision.

"If we don't override her veto...there's no compromise for the armory. The armory's gone. That's the bottom line: it's gone," argued one council member.

Monday, the council was supposed to discuss an ordinance to put the police station in the mall instead but that was pulled before the meeting. Instead, a group council members tried to overturn the mayor's veto but failed.

"It could be used for any unit - maintenance, whatever it may be," said Mayor Hollingsworth. "What I said was specifically, we didn't want to lock one particular unit at the armory."

No word what the next step will be.

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