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Attorney sends check to suspended police chief for gentleman's club visit

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Bryant Police Chief MarkKizer remained on unpaid administrative leave this week, but a completestranger sent Kizer a check to help offset costs.

Chief Kizer is in somehot water over eating at a steakhouse that also serves as a gentlemen's clubwhile on a business trip in Orlando, Fla.

The city council placedKizer on a one-week unpaid suspension for this week, but he still received apaycheck even thought it wasn't signed by the city.

Little Rock attorney JackWagoner opened up his check book to make a payment, but it wasn't for a utilitybill. In his eyes the money is going to offset unfairness in a neighboringcounty.

"I could see maybethem taking him aside and saying 'Hey we could catch some flack over this, youreally should be a little more careful or something,'" but five day suspendedwithout pay. I thought that was outrageous," Wagoner said about the citysuspending Kizer without pay for the week.

Wagoner spoke on-camera Fridayfor the first time since returning from business in California all week, hesaid he mailed a check for $158 to Kizer one week ago.

Wagoner added that he hasnever met Kizer, and didn't even know about him until this incident. Accordingto Wagoner, Kizer replied with a 'Thank you,' message from the Bryant policechief via Facebook.

The $58 was to cover thesteak dinner, and the extra $100 was a little something extra for being suspendedwithout pay.

"You know he wasn'tslipping city money into girls' panties anything, I don't think. It was morejust a moral judgment of what he did," Wagoner added.

Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs,and city attorney Chris Madison said they have advised Kizer to not accept thecheck, because it is a violation of ethics for appointed officials.

According to bank recordsFriday afternoon that check had yet to be cashed.

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