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Trial Set for Student who Planned Columbine-Style Crime

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(KATV) Dardanelle - A trial date has been setfor a teenager who is accused of planning a Columbine-style attack onclassmates at Dardanelle High School.

16-year old Julian Calfywas arrested back in December. He will be tried as an adult this July.

There were red-flags on Facebook,police say Calfy vented that he wanted to quote "Commit serious physicalharm to the student body of the high school." But fortunately he wascaught before he was ready to act on his plan.

Eric Martin says, "Livinghere now in a small town, you think you're safe, but now you see it doesn'tmatter where you're at it can happen anywhere."

Dardanelle High School hasa student body of about 600. Eric Martin is a pastor and parent of a teen whoattends the school. When he heard the shocking allegations, all he could thinkof was Columbine then come to find out, that's what the suspect, Julian Calfywas thinking of too, except he reportedly wanted to beat the death toll there.

Martin says, "I don't prayout of fear, but I pray for protection and I'm just so thankful that I do nothave to comfort family that had children or teachers that were harmed in thatsituation."

Here is one of Calfy's Facebookpost: "I'm a bust in shootin don't care wut u doin

algebra or geometry I'm ateach ur (expletive) TRIGGERnometry."

The troubled teen who previouslyspent time in a juvenile center is a self proclaimed racist and told police hehas anger issues.

During the investigation officersfound a binder with details of the Columbine shooting and a map marking thedoors of Dardanelle High with a list of items like chains and locks to securethe doors.

A search of his homeuncovered items that could be used to make explosives with a box labeled "WhiteResistance Alliance" the twist is students tell Channel Seven that Calfyhad friends and he was kind.

"And I know peoplewho work in the school that have had communication with him and you can't tellby the way a person acts what's going on in their head or what they're capableof," Martin concludes.

Julian Calfy's isscheduled to appear for trial by jury on July 26. If convicted, he could faceup to 20-years in prison for possession of explosives and up to six-years forterroristic threatening.

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