Search Continues for John Glasgow, New Details Emerge

Conway attorney, Frank Shaw said his client, Jonathan Brawner told police not only where John Glasgow is buried, but also who is responsible.

In an interview Shaw said, "I can't comment on who did it, why they did it and those other kind of facts because I'm not privy to all of that and Little Rock homicide is in the middle of an investigation."

When asked if he knew who 'did it' Shaw said, "Yes," and wouldn't elaborate.

He said his client has told law enforcement and that there is more than one person involved.

Shaw said his client, Brawner, has spent the last 16 months in jail. He's facing a recent stalking charge and has been convicted for attempted kidnapping and robbery. He could be facing a maximum of 30 years in prison.

"One of the reasons Mr. Brawner came forward with this information is to serve his own purposes," said Shaw.

Shaw said Brawner claims Little Rock businessman, John Glasgow is buried in a bean field along the Lonoke/Pulaski County line. Glasgow disappeared from his Little Rock home back in 2008.

Brawner took a polygraph.

"According to the polygraph examiner, he passed it and he passed it, I'll say this in quotes, 'he passed it easily'," said Shaw.

Shaw said Brawner took the polygraph under the stipulation that he could not take questions about who was buried in the field and who is responsible for the disappearance of Glasgow. It only focused on whether or not remains were in the field.

Little Rock police and the National Guard started searching the field on Thursday. Teams used sonar equipment and marked areas with flags. Police refused to do an interview, but said they are searching based on Brawner's information.

"If it's Mr. Glasgow that will be of some closure for his family that will be a sad day but it will bring some closure," He continued," If it's not Mr. Glasgow and it's someone else, that also needs to be discovered," said Shaw.

Shaw said he's known about this tip since 2009. He said he's contacted police, the Glasgow's family attorney, and did no expect any details to be released this week.

"I wished it had not come out now but now that it's out, I feel compelled to speak about what I've done and what information, my client has provided," said Shaw.

So why did Brawner wait to come forward? Shaw said it was because of recent testimony by his ex-wife, Renee.

"During the stalking trial, his ex-wife testified that Jon had told her that he had helped a friend bury a body," said Shaw.

Shaw said with the circumstances surrounding the Glasgow case, he said it's 'unfortunate' but he thinks it was professionally done.

When the search teams ended Friday, no digging had begun. Police said they plan on bringing in heavy equipment from the University of Arkansas next week.

To watch a portion of the raw interview with Frank Shaw, see the video player at the top right hand of the page.

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