Jefferson County Unsolved: The Murder Of Brandon Savage

Jefferson County investigators are taking a closer look at an unsolved murder from 2007. A 20 year old man was shot to death and left on the side of a road, and deputies have no idea who did it.

Jefferson County authorities say this murder is one of the most violent they've ever seen. A 20 year old man shot -- almost execution style -- and left on the side of the road just outside of Pine Bluff.

They want to solve this case now... but they need help.

March 16th, 2007.... Jefferson County dispatch receives a call to Wilbur West Road, where two passers-by made a gruesome discovery.

Major Lafayette Woods says, "two witnesses reported what they believed to be a dead body in the middle of the road."

When deputies arrived, they discovered a young man's body riddled with bullets. That young man.. was 20 year old Brandon Savage.

"The killer wanted to make sure the individual was dead. And didn't survive. Based on the number of times Mr. Savage was shot," says Major Woods.

He adds, "we don't know whether or not it was one person or multiple people. But obviously he was brought here to this location and murdered here at this location."

Jefferson County investigators have followed on up several leads. Savage had a few run-ins with the law, so they wondered... Could it have been a fall-out over drugs? An altercation that went too far? Any possible suspects have been cleared... and all of the leads in this case -- have gone dry.

The only evidence they have, are several shell casings recovered from the scene.

Investigators are hoping someone watching, will have the information they need to solve this case.

Major Woods says, "now's the time. We've had six years pass.. We've had six years pass since this homicide. And so far no other leads to go on."

Major Woods says they've already received a phone call about another cold case we reported on a few weeks ago, that is helping them further investigate. All they're asking for... is another phone call from someone who knows something about this murder. If you have any information, call 870-541-5300 or 870-541-5496. All information is confidential and there is a reward being offered.

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