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UPDATE: Victim says he had 13 sexual encounters with Cabot teacher

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UPDATE: A Cabot Junior High North teacher was arrested this week after it was alleged that she had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.

According to the police report released on Thursday, Stacy Stracener, 36, was the boy's teacher for one period when he was in 7th grade at Cabot Junior High North. However, the boy currently attends a different school in the Cabot School District.

The report also states that the families of both the victim and Stracener are friends.

Stracener was arrested when the mother of the victim turned to police when she was lookng at phone records and noticed 'a lot of texts between her son and a family friend, Stacy Stracener.'

The mother claims that her son and Stracener had exchanged over 40 text messages in a three day period, starting as early as 6 a.m. and went as late as midnight. The exact content of the alleged text messages have not been released, other than the victim admitted to his mother that 'Mrs. Stracener had sent him texts telling him what she wanted to do to him.'

During an interview with authorities, the victim admitted that there was sexual contact and intercourse with the teacher -- 13 different sexual encounters.

As of February 16 Stacy Stracener has not been charged.

To learn more read the original story below.

February 14, 2012 -- Instead of grading papers Cabot Junior High North teacher, Stacy Stracener, 36, was posting a $25,000 bond Tuesday after police said she had a sexual relationship with a student.

Cabot police have not released the police report and the Lonoke County prosecuting attorney, Chuck Graham, said the affidavit is sealed. Therefore, details on how the relationship started have still not been released.

"Now that it's out in the open, I hope she'll never be around another child," said parent of one of Stracener's students Susie Emerson.

Emerson said, "She's (her daughter) never complained about any of her teachers. They're really good with her and the students."

She continued, "I don't worry about that (Stracener being her daughter's teacher) and I know Cabot schools have stayed on top of it 'cause they were probably just as shocked as the parents were."

Police said February 8th the District called police. Stracener turned herself in Monday and was arrested for several counts of sexual assault.

"She was polite and professional with us, they booked her in she was never violent, she was very professional," said Cabot police spokesperson Sgt. Keith Graham.

Police said it was an isolated incident and Stracener does not have a criminal history.

Sgt. Graham said, "Things happen you know? People don't think clearly and stuff like this does happen and luckily we've been able to stop the situation and hopefully it solves it."

School superintendent Tony Thurman said he was too busy for an interview today. The school sent out an automated message to parents alerting them of the situation and saying counselors were brought in if students needed help.

They sent a statement to media saying Stracener is suspended. It also said the district follows a "specific process" in incidents like these.

Stracener's attorney John Wesley Hall said she's holding up and declined an interview. He said she is innocent and her next court appearance is set for Feb. 17.

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