Juror's Facebook Posts Could Cause Mistrial

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)-A juror could face contempt of court charges after she made multiple posts on Facebook about a trial. Now the defense says their client deserves a new trial.

Juror Brittany Lewis posted on Facebook during the kidnapping and rape trial of Quinton Riley Jr. that she was tired of being in the courtroom.

"She indicated a, I think a tired of being there type attitude. And if you cave one way or the other because you're tired of being there, you're not giving a fair verdict," said Bobby Digby II, who represents Riley.

Lewis also posted that the jurors could not come to a decision with acronyms which stand for expletives. In another post she says, "Still in the courtroom. Lord I'm ready go home. I'm sleepy and tired and my red wine is calling my name. In another post she says concerning the case, she is "irritated as hell."

"We want a trial where everyone gets their fair shot and if you're not taking serious and you're not looking at the evidence, then it's not a fair trial for anybody," Digby said.

The court transcript shows the judge asked jurors not use Facebook or Twitter.

The prosecution agues the juror didn't post anything specific about the case, making her posts in compliance with the judges instructions.

The judge is expected to rule on whether Riley will get a new trial on Monday. Lewis spoke to Channel 7 News but did not want to comment. She will appear in court for contempt on Jan. 14.

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