Little Rock woman's pit bull stops assault suspect

    (KATV) A Little Rock woman was attacked this week outside her home but it's fortunate she wasn't alone. The woman's attacker had no idea he'd also face her pit bull. The dog is being hailed a hero for rushing to the woman's aid.

    Millie Fiser's shoulder is sore and she has bruises down her right arm, minor injuries. She credits Champ for stopping the assault.

    While champ was loose on the inside of the picket fence, Millie Fiser walked to the curb to pick up trash. "I didn't see or hear anything behind me. The next thing, I just got a real hard shove. I fell to the ground and hollered, 'Champ, Champ, help!'"

    The man allegedly had her on the ground and repeatedly screamed, demanding money. "I think it was just a random act or just desperation. I don't know."

    Her hero is Champion "Champ" Bartholomew Alewishious 3000. Neighbors call Champ a gentle giant that demands attention.

    At eleven and a half years old with a recently diagnosed illness, Champ is slow but he surprised Millie and ran the suspect off. "If Champ hadn't come around the corner as quickly as he did, I have no doubt it would have been a lot worse situation than it was."

    Millie says this the first time Champ has shown aggression toward someone. He then returned and laid next to his owner, keeping her warm until help arrived. "Champ saved my life. I know that he would literally die for me. This is a real good example that he will always be right there for me always, always."

    Millie Fiser says it was dark and she didn't get a good look at the man but that he ran down West 18th street near the Governor's mansion. Little Rock police have not made an arrest.

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