Lost wedding ring in Chicago ends up in Arkansas

If you've ever lost your wedding ring, or something of great sentimental value, you might be able to relate to this story.

It's a tale of two cities. And one ring. More than 600 miles apart.

It started out like any other day at Applied Industrial Technologies in North Little Rock.

"Every day we pick up our UPS packages and bring them in," said warehouse manager Steve Anderson.

But not every day do they come across something like this in one of their packages.

"After opening it up I got a surprise because on top of the wrapping was a ring. And I said, okay maybe their shipping rings with their packages now. But when I look at the ring a lot closer you could tell it was somebody's wedding ring," said Anderson.

Meantime, in a western suburb of Chicago, Barb Kasang was desperately searching for her wedding ring.

"My whole marriage is tied up in my ring," said Kasang. "It has a lot of special moments."

Barb and her husband had been married nearly 30 years. They met and still work at Lovejoy, a power transmission manufacturer.

Barb noticed she had lost the ring last Monday but didn't know she had accidentally shipped it to Arkansas until she got a phone call from Applied Industrial Technologies.

"I've had things like that happen in my life and people have found things and gotten them back to me so I think turn about is fair play. Thing about it is I like to do what is right," said Anderson. "We wound up getting it back to them, next day air back to them and she had it back that same week. So I think everything turned out pretty good."

And as you might imagine.... Barb Kasang agrees.

"My heart was pounding when I lost it and pounding when he said we've found it," said Kasang.

Lovejoy says it is certainly blessed to have amazing customers like Steve.

And Steve also says that there are more honest people out there than we might think.

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