Mayflower police chief suspended in connection with fraud investigation

MAYFLOWER (Log Cabin Democrat) - Mayflower Police Chief Billy Baker has been suspended until the results of a state investigation involving alleged paperwork fraud are released in November, the office of the mayor confirmed.

The Arkansas Office of Law Enforcement Standards confirmed that an investigation into Mayflower Police Chief Billy Baker involving the submission of paperwork for radar gun testing has been launched and the results of the investigation will be available in a hearing on Nov. 22. until then, Baker has been suspended with pay, a representative from Mayflower Mayor Randy Holland's office said.

The investigation involves allegations that Baker turned in fraudulent paperwork for a radar speed gun class and test for his department, claiming that officers took the 16-hour class and passed the test when they did not do so.

The certified course is required for any law enforcement officer who uses a radar gun to monitor speeds of vehicles on highways or other roads. Two sheets are required to be signed by the police chief, one for those attending the class one for passing the test. The accusation is that no one from the department took the test and the police chief signed both sheets of paper and turned them into the state police.

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