Bullying issues leads to Mayflower teacher resigning

MAYFLOWER (KATV)--Nearlythree weeks ago, a Mayflower teacher resigns relating to bullying issues.

Arecent physical altercation forced one student to be airlifted to ahospital. Whilethis fight isn't being labeled as bullying, one teacher said, this altercationcould have been prevented.

ScienceTeacher, Misty Nix, said she has witnessed bullying at Mayflower since shefirst started working there this year.

Shesaid it wasn't the bullying that made her resign, but it was the way she wastreated and the response she received by administrators after she brought upthe issue.

Nix hastaught science for the past seven years in four school districts. Partof her lesson plan is teaching students how to compile data, interpret graphs, andenhance their critical thinking skills.

Nixused the project, "Let's Get Real" which deals with bullying issues whileusing common core values.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

"They [students] are the ones who took the survey, so they know where the data came from and howwe got that," said Nix.

Theanonymous survey posed questions, such as what were the top reasons why studentswere being bullied at Mayflower High School, 150 students took the survey.

"Pickedout quite a few that were alarming, six of them talking about the emotionalcutting due to how they are made fun of at school, one talked about suicide,"she added.

Nixsaid, she immediately brought these issues to the principal's attention, butwas shocked when she was told to stop the project and to quit discussingbullying in class.

"Thevice principal came down and took all the surveys and all the data that I hadprinted out to do the lesson with and told me to stop what I was doing and thatI do not need to talk about the survey anymore," said Nix. "We haven't reallyidentified a bullying problem in this school, and I needed to just stick withthe textbook."

Thesame day those surveys were taken, Nix was told she would have a disciplinary meetingwith administrators, but she instead handed in her letter of resignation. {} {}

Sheadded, that administrators at Mayflower are ignoring the issues at hand and hadthey listened; the recent fight that sent one student to the hospital may havebeen prevented.

Channel7 did speak with the Superintendent, John Gray, and he would not comment on personnelmatters.

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