Mayor: HP layoffs will have "profound" effect on Conway

Hewlett-Packard will maintain a presence at the Conway facility.
An HP spokesperson told Channel 7 very little more when asked about the potential of additional layoffs.
"There will be a profound effect in Conway," Conway Mayor Tab Townsell said.
The day after a massive blow to Conway's workforce with the layoffs of 500 HP employees announced, Townsell calls it a "big blow."
"You take 500 jobs averaging $40,000 dollars, that's a big blow to the market in Conway," Townsell said. "The job market, it will be translated through the investment market in houses, it will be translated through the retail market and all of the little purchasing decisions these 500 families will be making."
The good news is over half the Conway HP employees remain. But when Channel 7 asked HP company spokesperson Sarah Pompei if there would be any additional layoffs, she only responded by saying, "We are maintaining a presence in Conway."
"We were the city that attracted a major technology company," Townsell said.
Townsell calls HPs move to Conway one of the shining stars in Arkansas' history. That trophy is now tarnished.
"Where it used to be a completely wonderful success story it now has an asterisk next to it now," Townsell said.
Townsell also spoke about the types of positions that were laid off - mostly in customer service - saying the sales department is still there.
Channel 7 asked HP how many employees remain, but they would not comment.

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