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Mother/Daughter Team Arrested for Promoting Underage Stripping and Prostitution

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LITTLE ROCK, AR- Little Rock police bust an alleged illegal strip club and arrest a 15 yr. old girl who was working as a stripper and prostitute.

Brenda Porter, 53, and her daughter Yolanda Young, 34, were arrested along with three others.

Porter and Young ran the place and hired the strippers according to police.

Neighbors were surprised by the arrests and describe the Patterson Square center as 'industrial' and mostly commercial businesses.

Undra Gaines works across the street from the club and said when he heard about it he thought it was, "Pitiful, disgusting, the reason why I say that is because minors were involved."

Many in the neighborhood knew about the parties thrown there, but say they never thought underage girls participated in the parties.

"I've been invited to the place several times, but never did go," said Devin Coleman who works across the street from the 'Party Room'. He said he thought they were, "'Grown up' parties, you know what I'm saying 'grown up parties', I'm being honest with you, that's what everyone thought."

The door at 5608 Patterson Road reads, 'Every Event Help Kids'. The establishment that is right beside the club shows a sign of Porter as the face of a group called "Survivors of Murdered Children".

"It's a very difficult situation and in this case it's probably not over yet, we're still investigating, probably more charges are coming," said Little Rock Police Department Spokesperson, Lt. Terry Hastings.

Many who worked just doors down from the illegal club said they had no idea a joint like this was in their area.

Rick Howell works at an alarm company in the complex and said, "It goes to show you never know what's going on with your neighbors."

Police said the 15 yr. old girl is charged with prostitution and is now in the Juvenile system. The owners, Porter and Young face a slew of charges including endangering the welfare of a minor and promoting a child in a sexual performance.

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