Officers shoot and kill suspect in Garland County

GARLAND COUNTY (KATV) - A Garland County man is shot and killed by officers after reportedly pointing a gun at a deputy.

According to Garland County Sheriff's Department spokesman Deputy Scott Hinojosa, a deputy responded to calls of a disturbance in the area of 160 to 200 Stanage Drive just before 11 p.m. Saturday evening.

The deputy arrived at 165 Stanage Drive with a male and female inside. Neighbors and family claim the female was the man's girlfriend.

According to a press release the deputy called for backup from Arkansas State Police after learning the man had a gun. Once backup units arrived, officers reportedly approached the house and ordered the occupants outside.

Hinojosa said officers took cover in the front yard after hearing the action of a firearm being operated, and saw a man exit the house with a gun.

After officers told the suspect to drop his weapon, the man reportedly pointed his gun at the Garland County deputy and was shot by officers.

The suspect died on the scene.

"They had markers all over," said Sharon Vaughn, across the street neighbor, commenting on the amount of bullets unloaded by officers.

"I know they had five on the ground in front of the chairs and they had some over in the driveway."

Vaughn and other neighbors helped to clean up blood scattered over the yard from the shooting, Sunday morning. She said, "we had to use a scraper, bleach and peroxide to get it up before the family came." Vaughn said she didn't want the family to see the aftermath claiming, "they're going through enough now."

Neighbors are in disbelief that the man would have tried to shoot the officers, much less have hurt the female involved in the case. Vaughn says she moved to the neighborhood just under a year ago and said the people across the street were her first friends.

"We'd have barbecues together, we'd sit and cut up and laugh out on the front porch or here on my patio," said Vaughn.

Vaughn said the two were talking about getting married, making her wonder why there would have been a domestic disturbance in the first place.

"They seemed so happy together, I've never heard them argue, fuss, nothing like that."

According to neighbors, they said they witnessed the girlfriend being taken away in handcuffs from the scene.

Hinojosa said no officers were harmed in the incident.

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