Officials say Boston Marathon bombing slowed Race For the Cure participation

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The executive director of Arkansas' Race for the Cure said the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon contributed to slightly lower participation numbers this year.

"I do feel like it was a factor in our numbers being slightly down," said Sherrye McBryde. "Our national office has also sent out a directive and there have been other affiliates, other Race for the Cures that have also had their numbers down and that is one of the contributing factors."

McBryde also said she believes the government shutdown could have been a factor.

Organizers held four security meetings with the Little Rock and North Little Rock Police terrorism forces as well as the FBI ahead of Saturday's race to ensure that additional steps were being taken for increased security.

"Both Little Rock and North Little Rock police have divisions that deal with terrorism and they have heard no chatter. They feel very comfortable that our event is going to be safe and sound. And we have also contact the FBI," McBryde said. "So we feel very good. We've taken extra steps. We have extra people, extra security."

Little Rock Police told Channel 7 News that while they can't speak about specific security measures, the incident in Boston did impact their plans.

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