Owner of Hot Springs gun range defends banning Muslims from her business

A Hot Springs gun range announced back in October that it was banning Muslims from the business.

The owner, Jane Morgan, said on her website that she was doing it out of fear for the safety of her customers.

She wrote on her site that she doesn't believe Muslims are protected by the U.S. Constitution because the Constitution does not protect a theocracy.

The owner denied our interview requests, but today she spoke to the Arkansas Herald about the incident.

"You know when you are in this range and there are people on both sides of you within a couple of feet of you shooting real guns you want to know that the owner of this establishment has screened this person carefully to make sure that they are responsible armed, that they are handling guns safely and that this is not a convicted felon beside you." said Morgan.

Morgan says since there is no way of identifying which Muslims are threatening, she would rather be safe than sorry.

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