Paws in Prison Program Helping Change Lives

Tonight at 10 on Nightside KATV's Heather Crawford takes us inside an Arkansas Department of Correction prison in Malvern and shows us how a unique program is helping save dog's lives and transform inmates.

The program, Paws in Prison, began a few months ago. The Arkansas Department of Correction has teamed up with local animal shelters and rescue group to help keep dogs from being euthanized.

Inmates who are selected to participate in the program learn how to train the dog they are assigned. That dog lives in the barracks with the inmates.

William Bentley who is serving time for aggravated robbery is one of the inmate trainers.

Bentley said, "He's taught me patience, responsibility. I'm not used to having to take care of anybody other than myself. On the street my mama was taking care of me so it taught me how to take care of something other than meI was anti-social and having him has made me social because everybody wants to pet the dog. Everybody wants to rub him and see him and talk to him and I have to deal with them also."

Once the dogs are trained they are put up for adoption. Tonight on Nightside hear how the program is helping reduce violence in prison and more on how it's helping turn the inmates lives around.

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