Sully Says: Petrino's ESPN apology

We learned during his time at Arkansas that Bobby Petrino has a plan for everything.{} So it was no surprise that his made-for-ESPN apology took place in his home state of Montana with a Petrino-friendly reporter, Joe Schad.{} Outside of the tears from Coach, the{}segment went pretty much the way I thought it would.{} He's never been one for excuses, and he didn't offer any in this segment.{} It was 4 minutes of " I screwed up , I don't why and I'm gonna be a better person and coach ."{}

Watching Thursday's ESPN segment, all I could think about was his post crash press event . A battered Petrino wearing a neck brace sharing his story. It was compelling TV and I fell for it. Hook line and sinker. I wasn't the only one pulled in.{} I remember hearing a statewide radio host{}{}go on and on{}about Bobby P's{}toughness.{} It turned out to be Bobby Petrino's best and worst acting job.

Was this another act ? I have no idea. I hope not.{} I like comeback stories. I would like to think Coach Petrino will be a more compassionate coach when he returns. That shouldn't be hard . I've heard enough Petrino horror stories to fill a{}page. In his final days at Arkansas, he ruled{}like a dictator.{} It was his way or the highway and no one got in Bobby P's way.

"{}{}I played it over in my head a million times. How could I do this? How could this happen? And not just the hiring or that day. But my actions and my behavior for months was just wrong." Bobby Petrino to Joe Schad of ESPN.

We should have seen the signs. How many all-league quarterbacks have received the sideline treatment from their head coach {}that Tyler Wilson endured last season ?{} Then there was the end of the game meltdown at LSU. I won't get into the details, but Coach Petrino was guilty of behavior unbecoming for a college head coach.{} At the time, we just wrote it off as just " Bobby being Bobby" when it was really Coach Petrino spiraling out of control.

I don't know about Coach, but Team Petrino probably views this ESPN segment as their way of showing his future employer that coach is committed to dealing with the demons that cost him everything at Arkansas.{} History tells us that Bobby Petrino will coach again , and Joe Schad will{} have the news first.

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