Little Rock Man Killed by Police Identified


We now know the name of the man shot andkilled by two Little Rockpolice officers Friday. Police sayDonald O'Fallon and a woman he was dating were involved in a domestic assault.

Officers showed up and made contact withhim and as said as O'Fallon was walking out of the house they saw he had aweapon. Officers James Anderson andMatthew Hoffine shot him. Police havenot said how many times.

They have been placed on routine paidadministrative leave while the shooting investigation continues.


A Little Rock man was shot to death by a police officer today. It all started when neighbors called the police after hearing a disturbance next door.

Jane Thompson, who has lived in Leawood, where the shooting occurred is still in shock.

"This is the most benign neighborhood in Little Rock," she said. "We don't, we don't have shootings, we don't have crime in the neighborhood. It's largely been, over the years, a neighborhood of retirees," said Thompson.

Thompson says the neighborhood has seen an influx of younger families recently.

"Now we have a lot of young families who are moving in, we're cycling back to what the neighborhood was," said Thompson.

They say it was a younger family who lived in the home where the shooting took place. It was there that a disturbance was heard and the police was called.

"We did have two officers respond. As a result of this incident we do have one victim who has been shot by an officer," said Cassandra Davis, LRPD spokeswoman.

The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police say this was a tragic ending to what may have been a fight between a couple.

"Right now we are not sure if they were in a relationship. We do believe that they do live together, we're not sure if they were married or just cohabitating," said Davis.

Police say there are still many questions that need to be answered like what could have started this tragic dispute. Meanwhile, neighbors are left in shock trying to make sense of all of it.

"This is a shock for everybody to have something like this happen because we just don't expect it," said Thompson.

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