Real Estate/Property Tax Deadline Looms


Your local fire department. Your county jail. Police protection, animal control and county roads and records.

All things we need. All things that cost money.

Real estate and personal property tax collections pays for a lot of these things...especially the public schools.

When you buy a house or a vehicle or a boat...the cost to you doesn't end when you sign the bill of sale or even when you make the final payment.

Personal property taxes are due one week from today.

The bills went out in the spring. $434 million dollars in property taxes will be collected in Pulaski County alone.

With a week to go, about $120 million is still unpaid. If you don't pay by the deadline...the tax woman will cometh.

"We normally run about $10 million dollars a day during the last few days," says Pulaski County Treasurer Debra Buckner. "In the first three days of October we collected over $30 million dollars."

Most of the money collected funds the county's public schools. Here is how it breaks down...from the 64 percent dedicated in Maumelle to the 80 percent in Sherwood.

The rest of the money collected funds a variety of city and county government offices and operations.

Buckner says those who don't pay on time will pay a penalty of ten percent.

A friendly reminder phone blitz will start on October 18th.

"The overwhelming response we get is 'Oh my goodness. I thought my wife paid that. I thought my husband paid that. I thought that was already paid. Thank you for the reminder,' says Buckner. "We really don't have people annoyed with us. They don't want their name in the paper."

In the past the property tax deadline has been October 10th. But the legislature changed that...and you get an extra five days this year. The deadline is the week from today.

So don't delay...just pay.

Air date: October 8th, 2013

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