Ross criticizes Hutchinson's position on private option

{}Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross sits down with Roby Brock this Sunday on "Talk Business and Politics" on KATV.

{}Ross shares his thoughts on taxes, his primary opponent and Arkansas's private option.

{}Last week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson expressed his support of the private option, calling it the law of the land and describing it as a pilot program.

{}Ross, also{}a supporter of the private option, takes exception to that characterization.

{}"The more than 100,000 working Arkansans who now have access to health care or our struggling rural hospitals that are barely keeping their doors open, and{}I understand that because we lost the hospital in my hometown back in the '90s, they don't believe this is a pilot project," Ross said.

{}There is{}more of this interview with Mike Ross, plus the new Speaker-designate of the House and the Senate President-designate join our round table, Sunday at 9 a.m.

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