Saline County: One of largest meth bust, no arrests

(KATV) Sardis - One of the largest methlabs in the state has been discovered in Saline County in the community of Sardis.After getting a tip, deputies found the materials and waste from hundreds ofpounds of meth.

No arrests have been madeeven though some neighbors point fingers to the homeowner. He lives somewhereelse. So deputies are investigating that scenario and checking to see ifsomeone else has been on the property.

Down Gravel Ridge Road in Sardis,homes are close together, but still have that rural country feel.

Neighbors say after adivorce, the person who kept this mobile home stopped taking care of it, weedstook over and there were signs of a possible meth lab.

A tip lead deputies to thestorage truck the size of a u-haul at the home. It has been taken in asevidence. Inside it, they found all the chemicals and materials to make meth.

Lt. Scotty Courtney withthe Saline County Sheriff's Office says, "It was a large amount of product. Itwas in the hundreds of pounds of waste."

When dealing with thechemicals there is always a chance of an explosion, but in this case it wasn'ta high danger. "But was it a dangerous situation, of course."

Hazmat disposed of thechemicals, the Office of Emergency Management cleaned the site and theDepartment of Environmental Quality is doing soil samples. The sheriff's officeexpects the bill to be $10,000 - $15,000 dollars.

Lt. Courtney says, "TheCounty has to pick up the tab for the clean-up and the testing so they aretaking steps through the court to seize that property to try to recoup some ofthe cost for the clean up."

The Office of Emergency Managementis filing to get reimbursed from the EPA for about $4,000 for their part in theclean up.

Just to give you an ideaof how big the lab was, it usually cost about $1,500 to clean.

Investigators still haven'tdetermined how long the meth lab was there. They're still trying to determinehow much was possibly making it to the streets. It could have been a smalloperation over a long period of time or a large operation, making hundreds ofpounds of meth.

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