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Smart911 system coming to east Arkansas

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FORREST CITY (Times-Herald) - A new system that will give first responders to 911 emergency calls information that might help them save lives is on its way to St. Francis County.

Officials announced last year that Arkansas would be the first state to implement Smart911 statewide. The service lets people create what is called a "Safety Profile" that contains information that will help police, firefighters and EMTs when they arrive at a home for an emergency.

Information provided in a recent press release shows that a Safety Profile can include data about an individual, family, a residence and pets, ranging from details on medical conditions, disabilities and special needs to home addresses associated with mobile phones, utilities, emergency contacts and more.

Linda Thweatt, SFC 911 Coordinator, said the system is on its way to the county.

"From my understanding, if you fill out a Safety Profile, only the dispatcher will be able to access the information," said Thweatt. "They can then tell the responders pretty much everything they need to know going to the scene. If you have a heart condition or diabetes, they will know that by the time they get there. It could really help having that information."

Thweatt said that while Smart911 is coming, there is no estimated time for when the system will be operational.

"We are in the process of having the system, but its not completed yet," Thweatt said. "They are working with every county across the state, and it might be a while before they get to us. When they do get here, I think this will be a great thing for every agency in the county."

For more information about the Smart911 system, visit The website is also where people may complete voluntary Safety Profiles when the system is online in SFC.

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