Sorry folks the park is closed; that's fine, we'll move our wedding

HOT SPRINGS - Regina Wilson and Mark Powell from McGehee have had their wedding planned for a couple of years now, and they wanted to repeat their vows in a location they both love;{} Hot Springs National Park.{}

Problem is, the park is closed, and we know we don't have to tell you why.

Regina says it frustrating to look past the barricades that block the beautiful lawn at Arlington Park, and know that she's dreamed of a wedding there for months.

"We don't even have a lot of flowers or decorations", Regina said.{} "It's not like anyone has to be there to oversee the ceremony".{}

Still, the couple has been forced to move Saturday's ceremony to a nearby restaurant and reception hall, the Porter House.

And it's almost like a slap in the face, they won't even be refunded the entire fee they paid in April to reserve the park for their wedding.{}

Not to worry, love will overcome, Regina and Mark!{} Uncle Sam may not be cooperating, but we say congratulations on going through with your plans, and have a great wedding day.{}

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