Suspects Back in Jail

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -Bond is a tool used to help make sure defendants show up for court.When they don't show up...licensed bond agents set out to find them. Last week the search began for one Seven-On-Your-Side subject after he missed a court appearance. It was a productive day for Kathy's Bail Bonds out of Benton. Two men are back in jail in Grant county thanks to Kathy's bail bondsmen...or more accurately...bail bondswomen. Jeffrey Cleaver wasn't clever enough to elude Kathy's agents. They found him on Wednesday in Wynne hiding behind a locked bedroom door. Cleaver was wanted on a probation violation.But the big catch was a Curtsinger. With some help from Greg and Red Bail Bonds, Kathy's bondswomen caught Jason Curtsinger swimming in Searcy. He was keeping cool in the pool at an apartment complex. Last week he should have been in Sheridan for a court appearance.The gals used pink handcuffs on a man accused of stealing multiple mobile homes in several different counties. Curtsinger has a Conway court date next week.NOTE: After our 6:00 story aired Kathy with Kathy's Bail Bonds called to object to our use of the term "bounty hunters." She says it is illegal in Arkansas for her to refer to her agents as "bounty hunters." She did not. We used the more conversational term and have changed it above at her request.Also Wednesday, we told you about Aaron Halpain and his air conditioning company, Air-On. If Halpain has installed any air conditioning units during the past three months, he has done so without a license. We have heard from other former customers who are upset with Air-On. We also got a current cell number for Halpain after our story aired and we texted him. Halpain texted that he would call back. So far, he has not. A state board is investigating complaints against Air-On and Aaron Halpain. If you have one, please call 501-661-2647 next week.Air date: July 3rd, 2014
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