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Teenage girls at home during home invasion robbery

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Two teenage girls say they feared for their lives after two men broke into their home after the lights went out. Their single mother said she went to go get help to turn the lights back on, and she fears that may have been the robbers' ploy all along.

Montina Bell said she and her two girls had just moved to South Tyler Street in Little Rock just more than a month ago. They thought they were safe, trying to better themselves moving from an apartment into a home. But on Thursday night when they returned home, they came back to a house without electricity.

"My boyfriend lives two blocks away," recounted Bell. "So I told the girls, 'I'm going to get Devin. I'm locking the door, set the alarm to stay mode.'"

But when Bell left, her daughter Kennedy Valley heard something.

"I heard a noise coming from the back door," said Valley. "I thought it was my mom and Devin having trouble unlocking it."

What Valley thought were her mother and boyfriend struggling with the door, was actually two men busting in the door. The two made their way through the house in pitch black darkness eventually bumping into Valley. Her sister, Madison, locked herself in the bathroom.

"I was really freaked out because I never experienced something like that," said Valley. "I was scared for my life."

To make matters worse, the family came to find out after the home invasion that the security system put in just three weeks ago wasn't installed properly.

"Had the siren wire been connected to the panel like it was supposed to be - as soon as they kicked in the door, thirty seconds later every neighbor would have heard the siren," said Bell.

The family said they could barely sleep the night of the robbery and now they'll be sleeping with one eye open. Bell feels blessed no one was hurt, but nervous about what could happen next.

"My mind is, 'Okay, we got God on our side,' but I want a gun. I mean I need to protect my girls."

Bell said she plans on taking a concealed carry class and installing new doors in her home.

The two men ended up making off with a flat-screen television. Little Rock Police are relying on fingerprints taken at the scene to hopefully come up with a suspect since the family wasn't able to get a good look at the intruders.

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