Toad Suck voted most unfortunate town name

Toad Suck, Arkansas has been voted America's most "embarrassing or unfortunate" town name, in a global poll.

The Global Poll by surveyed nearly 1,800 respondents from seven different English-speaking countries.

Toad Suck beat out Climax in Georgia, Boring in Oregon (and its namesake in Maryland). and its global network of partner sites asked users to pick from a shortlist of 11 names. The question: Which of the following real places in the U.S. would you find it most embarrassing or unfortunate to learn that your ancestors came from?

Toad Suck's name traces back to the legend that the crew of steamboats that once plied the Arkansas River used to moor their craft where the Toad Suck Dam now spans the River. According to, "They refreshed themselves at the local tavern there, to the dismay of the folks living nearby who said, 'They suck on a bottle 'til they swell up like toads."'

Here's a list of the most embarrassing or unfortunate US Town or Place Names.

1 - Toad Suck, AR
2 - Climax, GA
3 - Boring (OR & MD)
4 - Hooker, OK
5 - Assawoman, MD
6 - Belchertown, MA
7 - Roachtown, IL
8 - Loveladies, NJ
9 - Squabbletown, CA
10 - Monkey's Eyebrown, KY

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