Tornado volunteers needed over holiday weekend

(KATV)-Team Rubicon, the organization leading the clean-up and rebuilding effort in Mayflower and Vilonia are calling for more volunteers over Memorial Day weekend. Rubicon is made up of military veterans and many say the best way to honor them this holiday is to volunteer in the clean-up efforts."The best way you can honor a veteran is to come out here and work side by side with us," said Pat Gustafson of Rubicon.She says many veterans know what it's like to experience loss and can relate to the tornado victims."These people have fought for their country and lived and bled and they've watched their buddies die. For memorial day coming up, we have all someone to remember. Someone we're in memorial to," Gustafson said. "We want to let them know we're standing behind them and we're standing shoulder to shoulder and trying to help them recover their lives and that sense of peace and freedom that was sort of taken away from them."Archie Musselman, who lost his home in Vilonia said he wouldn't know where to get started cleaning up without volunteers. On Friday, workers cleaning up debris of his home found his son's POW flag in the rubble. They hung it up high along with his other American flags."The volunteers have been wonderful, ever since the time of the tornado," Musselman said. "You just can't do it yourself, it's too massive."To help with Team Rubicon on Memorial Day, volunteers are asked to meet at their headquarters in the parking lot of Home Depot in Conway. Call the volunteer hotline at 496-301-1865.
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