Unreliable Roofer

WOODLAWN (KATV) -Whenever the chances of rain go up... so too does the anxiety level for one Cleveland county homeowner.If Craig Puckett has the patience of Job, then even Job's patience has run out.Sunny days are worry free for the Puckett family. But when rain is in the forecast it's another story."It doesn't bother him at all that my roof is leaking," says a frustrated Puckett. "I thought about going ahead and getting it fixed...but I'm already $4,700.00 into the deal."And that $4,700.00 check wasn't written last month...or even last year. Puckett paid Nelson Walker Construction back in October of 2012. What has he gotten in return?"Nothing," says Puckett. "A bunch of runaround. He said he would be here. I was next on the list. was too cold. goes on and on. He don't...he's always promising but never delivering."Here's what Puckett was supposed to get from the Pine Bluff contractor...a new metal roof with trim work and the leveling of the structure back to factory specs. Puckett agreed to pay the final $1,300.00 of the $6,000.00 deal once all the work was complete. We visited the Pine Bluff home of Nelson Walker (719 west 22nd street) to ask what he did with the nearly $5,000.00 Mr. Puckett paid him and why nearly 20 months later he has yet to even return to Puckett's home. His truck was in the yard and people were in the house...but no one answered the door."(sigh) I'd just like to get my roof fixed," says Puckett. "That's...that's what I'm after."Even as recently as a week ago Nelson Walker promised to refund Mr. Puckett's money. But so far that's just another broken promise.

Whether or not this constitutes theft of services and a criminal act will be up to 13th Judicial District Prosecutor Ian Vickery in El Dorado or his Deputy Prosecutor Thomas Wynne in Fordyce to decide.

Air date: July 15th, 2014

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