UPDATE: Jury selection begins in trial of LR ex-officer

LITTLE ROCK- A high profile trialbegins. Little Rock officer Josh Hastings was called to a burglary in progresslast August. He shot and killed one of the suspects, 15 year old Bobby Moore.Hastings has since been fired and charged with manslaughter. This week he willtestify in his own defense. Hastings has said Moore tried to run him over with a car after the officer responded to a report of cars being broken into at an apartment complex.

Jury selection startedMonday, June 17 at about 2 p.m. The trial is scheduled until Thursday but JudgeWendell Griffen warned would-be jurors it could last into Friday. More than 100potential jurors spent several hours answering Judge Griffen's questions.

So far people have beenexcused because of scheduling conflict; they've already formed an opinion inthe case, have a relative who was a victim of a homicide or know one of theroughly two dozen people testifying.

Hastings will take thestand. Evidence like a gun found in the stolen car Moore was driving has beenbarred by Judge Griffin.

Hastings Attorney, BillJames says, "We're confident that once the jury hears the facts of this casethey're going to find that Officer Hastings acted reasonable. We understand theJudge's ruling. We are going to abide by it and I think we're okay I think thejurors will understand he acted reasonably under the circumstances."

By a 3:30 p.m. break, the process had not yet reached the point where lawyers were allowed to individually question potential jurors.

Josh Hastings dad, CaptainTerry Hastings with the Little Rock Police Department and Bobby Moore's momSylvia Perkins are on the list of possible people to testify.

The State's attorneyrepresenting Bobby Moore says he will not comment until the trial is over.

This week jurors have todecide whether or not Josh Hastings recklessly caused Bobby Moores death.

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