Vision Airlines Leaving LR

Vacations to Destin, Florida are destined to fall off after the school year starts. It doesn't take much vision to predict that.

But apparently Vision Airlines didn't see the drop in passengers coming. And now canceled flights are angering customers.

While most families take their kids to the beach, next month Nancy Meador of Cabot is doing the opposite.

"This is a trip I was planning to without my childthat I was going to go with just girls because our kids were in school," says Meador.

Back in early July Meador says she booked a direct flight to Destin out of Little Rock aboard Vision Airlines.

Then two days ago she received this email informing her that her flight scheduled during the final four months of 2011 has been "impacted by a time change, day change, or the route may have been canceled."

Anne Black of Sherwood says there was a vision plane available to take her to destin on august 9th.but no one at the ticket counter to check her in.

"Every time I kept calling someone they just said 'You were a no show,' recalls Black. "I said 'No, I was there. And I was there prior to the 45 minute cutoff.'"

Little Rock is not alone in losing direct flights to Destin. Eight other cities (St. Louis, Shreveport, Lafayette, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Asheville, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Meyers) are also losing the service.

Travelers have been told the last flight out of Little Rock will be September 17th.

The airport has been told November 2nd.

"If they were going to be a seasonal airline they should have advertised that way," argues Meador. "They can't build a customer base and then cancel flights that way."

Both women say if Vision Airlines returns to Little Rock they will not return as customers.

Vision Airlines has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau in the company's home state of Georgia.

So far we have received no official statement or reaction from the airline.

Air date: August 26th, 2011

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